My Music 

My Musical Styling

My entire life I have been drawn to music, having grown up in a very musical family. I learned to play jazz and classical piano when I was five, my mom played the accordion and my dad played the piano. I grew up listening to my parents jamming in the kitchen playing jazz or celtic music with neighbours and friends. My favourite type of music to Dj is house because I love mixing two songs to create one. I love every genre of music and like to read the crowd to create the perfect musical atmosphere. 


Crafting Skills

My love for house music blossomed while I was studying graphic design in Kingston, Ontario. When I moved back to Vancouver I was inspired by a live DJ playing in Gastown and I decided that was what I wanted to do. The next day I went to Tom Lee and purchased everything I needed to become a DJ. I enrolled in a local DJ school,  and soon after met my mentor DJ Leanne from Girl on Wax who showed me the basics of beat matching and  Every free moment was spent practicing, using vinyl records I purchased from beat street records. I have since moved onto using Serato itch with my Vestex 300 I bejewelled to look extra fancy, but still love the sound and feel of vinyl records. 

Music Samples

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